Ellie - 5 year old cross breed

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Meet Ellie, a 5 year old cross breed who came into our care in March this year via another rescue who closed down.  Unfortunately, Ellie has not had the best start in life and has been very misunderstood by some of her previous owners and rescue volunteers.  Whilst Ellie comes across as a super confident girl, she really isn’t, Ellie is in fact a fearful girl and when faced with her fears she can react by excessive barking.  There is nothing specific that Ellie is afraid of, it tends to be the unexpected taking Ellie by surprise or unknown quantities that are a new experience for her.


Ellie is fully house trained, well behaved and absolutely fine to be left for a few hours.  Ellie’s nature is one of love and affection and will need to be in a loving home where this is reciprocated. One challenge Ellie does have in the home is that she chases light and shadow, however, things can be done to help reduce this.

OUT AND ABOUT Ellie is good around other dogs, is great to walk off lead and responds well to recall.  On lead Ellie does pull a lot, she is very strong and can be quite reactive when on the lead.  For these reasons Ellie does not street walk well and therefore needs all of her walks to be out in open space.  Ellie’s current walking regime takes her to places like Sutton Park or the local Valley, once sometimes twice a day, where she can often be walking for several hours at a time.  However, Ellie’s walks need to be carefully planned so to manage her surroundings, with her fears in mind.  Although not essential, Ellie does love to walk with other dogs, she really comes out of herself when she is walking off the beaten track particularly in woodland where she loves to chase a distant falling leaf along with the squirrels and bunnies.

IN THE CAR Ellie travels well but it does need to be in the security of a crate.  The crate needs to be, as a minimum, a large sized crate and so consideration to the practicality of this needs to be given.  As Ellie cannot be street walked, this is an essential requirement for her.

FOREVER HOME for Ellie needs to be with humans who are able to make Ellie the centre of their home.  As much as Ellie gets on with children it has been decided that it is in Ellie’s best interest to not rehome Ellie with young or excitable children.  Visiting children who are confident and well behaved around dogs are absolutely fine but constant excitement will set Ellie back and heighten her fears.  Ellie will also be the only animal in her new home so consideration for adoption will only be given to pet free homes.  It is fair to say that Ellie would not suit a family who are looking for a pet dog to take out on days out with them.  Instead, Ellie requires a lot of support, love and understanding.  She is a super intelligent dog who learns quickly and since being in our care, with some time and patience, she has come on leaps and bounds.  Ellie has responded well to training although still has work to do.  Ellie’s new owners will need to understand and be prepared to continue her training which will take many months and lots of patience.  The upshot of this is that she is so worth it.  Ellie needs and deserves a chance of a home of her own giving her stability and the opportunity to lead a happy, safe and secure life.  In return she will shower you with love and affection and really can be a fun dog to be around.

If you feel you are the right person for Ellie and have the love in your heart, the time, patience and understanding.  You are prepared for the commitment required for Ellie, ensuring she gets everything she needs and then some.  If you are also prepared to give her a chance, then please get in touch!