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rufus 1

Meet the very handsome Rufus!

Rufus is estimated to be around 18 months old and came into our care after being found as a stray and not claimed.

He is at the moment very shy and nervous but we believe once he gains his confidence he will be a little tinker and into all sorts of mischief – when his true personality will shine through – this may take several months. He is otherwise laid back and takes most things in his stride.

Rufus has been fine with all dogs he has met although he does not like Male dogs particularly, especially entire make dogs and he will grumble at them. His best friend is a toy poodle called Tallulah and he is currently in foster with a collie (girl). We will not home Rufus with Male dogs of any sort.

Rufus walks like a dream on lead. Travels brilliantly in the car. Pretty well house trained (couple of little accidents).

Rufus does not like to be left on his own and this is regardless of whether or not he is with another dog or not – humans is Rufus’s thing really.

He has been good in the house although he can be  thief at times and will pinch a sock, shoe, piece of paper  – he hasn’t chewed anything though.

Rufus is initially very nervous around men  – until he gets to know them but work would need to be done to gain his trust.


If you would like to help Rufus or would just like more information then please get in touch